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Friday, February 22, 2013

We are very proud of our mascot here at CU. Ralphie is our 1,000 pound female Buffalo. We can't have a male Buff because the males are literally too big and mean, thus posing a potential safety hazard. That said, Ralphie is still a great tradition for us.


Before every home football game, Ralphie takes a lap of Folsom Field, and leads the team out of the locker room. She is trained and handled by a group of students, ingeniously named the "Ralphie Runners." Ralphie Running is a varisty sport here, and it is an open try out. However, you have to be very fast to make the cut. Ralphie's full time home is actually kept secret. She is such a celebrity, that they decided to keep her hidden to prevent some of our less sportsmanlike neighbors to the north from any potential tomfoolery.

The other fun thing that Ralphie has going for her is the statue that sits out front of Folsom Field. She faces east, toward our old rival Nebraska, and I am very pleased to report that we recently renewed a contract with NU to play them despite conference realignments. Also, a good study tip, if you rub Ralphie's horns before a test, you are guarenteed good luck. You sorta tell in the picture that the horns are a little more worn than the rest. You're welcome.

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