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Thursday, October 18, 2012


Right now my days are filled with decisions about my next few years here at CU:  what classes to take next semester, what to do next summer, where to study abroad, what to write an honors thesis on, how to best prepare for law school.  Every day is a clash between focusing on the day at hand and planning for days to come.  Thankfully, my academic schedule this semester is spaced out evenly, as I have about one major assignment (exam or paper) a week; I don't have the midterm crunch weeks that I've had in the past.  While this flexibility has allowed me to live a balanced life this semester, mixing in moderate amounts of studying, exercise, and time for activities daily, it also has given me the opportunity to thoroughly plan the remainder of my time here at CU.  This has been both a curse and a blessing, but it is a very good problem to have, as I am too excited for words to travel the world, delve deeper into my fields of study, and experience places other than Boulder, Colorado.  However, I am consumed by a large degree of perfectionism, and the details of everything all mesh into a loud cacophony in my mind.  I counter this chaos by writing down my thoughts, making tonight's blog an exercise that will benefit both my countless readers as well as myself.


Next semester, I will be finishing up my Arts & Sciences core requirements, with Physical Anthropology 2 plus a lab and Historical Thinking and Writing (an upper-divison writing class).  Survey of Western Political Thought completes my Political Science core, and I am taking a Spanish class to refresh my Spanish before I go abroad next year.  Finally, I am deciding between a Liberal Democracy and the First Amendment, an American politics class, and History of the Modern Middle East, since 1800.  I am really interested in both of the last two, and I will wait and see what the registration process yields.


As for study abroad, I am currently looking at spending next fall in Valparaiso, Chile, and next spring in Spain, either in Salamanca, Granada, or Sevilla (still undecided).  I will be studying in Spain with one of my best friends from before college who goes to school in LA, at Loyola Marymount University.  Both semesters offer opportunities to study local and regional politics and history, and I will be taking classes in local universities alongside local students, speaking nothing but Spanish.  I will be doing homestays in both Chile and Spain, and I am really excited to learn about local culture, language, food, music, and sports from families.  I am in the process of choosing specific classes and having them be approved by my advisors, but I cannot wait for my junior year.


This summer, I am exploring a number of different options ranging from volunteering in local advocacy programs to working a paid internship at the National Conference of State Legislatures.  No matter what I do, I am looking to climb at least ten 14ers next summer - an ambitious goal, but one that I think is well within reach.  Regardless of what I do during the week, weekends will be solely devoted to travelling Colorado's backcountry, hiking, running, and biking every day.  I am really interested in conducting research during the summer for a professor here at CU, but so far I haven't been presented with any research opportunities, so that might have to wait.  But I'm sure I will have plenty to do this summer.


I hope you've enjoyed this update into my daily thoughts - if it seems like a lot, don't worry, you are not alone!


Also, here are some fall photos that my father, the photo editor at the Denver Post, took last week about 20 minutes west of Boulder.  Enjoy!


Until next time,






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