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Piece, Love, and Chocolate

Thursday, November 15, 2012

On the Pearl Street Mall, there is a little store called Piece, Love, and Chocolate. This store sells all things chocolate, from chocolate truffles to chocolate pasta. For my birthday, my sister gave me a cooking class at this chocolate store because she knows how much I love chocolate. There were a few different classes to choose from but we decided to choose the molten chocolate lava cake and served with three different sauces. This class looked like so much fun from the website and I couldn't wait to go and learn how to make this amazing dessert.

Last night, we went to our cooking class. I went with my sister, Katie, and her boyfriend, Kai. We got there and were greeted by three women in aprons and chef hats. They handed us our own aprons and explained how this class was going to work. They told the story of why they wanted to open a chocolate shop and you could just tell that they had a real passion for baking and dessert making. We got started by watching a demo on how to make this cake. It didn't seem too hard, but nothing really seems that hard when you have the right tools and everything is already measured out into perfect portions. As we split off into our groups, we got to make our own chocolate lava cakes. Katie, Kai, and I couldn't stop laughing while we made ours and we were having so much fun. We then were taught how to make three different kinds of sauces and how to decorate our plates to present the cakes. The chef's plates were, needless to say, much better than ours. After we decorated our plates, we got to eat our cakes and they were amazing! It was such a fun class and completely worth it in the end.


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