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Philanthropy and Wedding Love!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

This past weekend was so much fun! Friday we had a night in and watched a ton of movies, including my all time favorite movie, The Town. Saturday was a study day, which was definitely needed, and then at night I ended up having to help my friend go grocery shopping. Definitely a few lessons learned there. For example, when a guy says that he only needs to buy gatorade and chicken, don't be surprised when they get distracted and end up coming out with $150 worth of groceries. I was surprised to say the least. After that we went out to dinner at Hana on the Hill, which was delicious as always.

But Sunday was the best day, without a doubt. In the morning, my sorority Delta Delta Delta held our philanthropy, Tee-Off with Tri Delta, down at the Fossil Ridge Golf Course in Golden. It was so much fun! We ended up raising over $10,000 dollars for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, which makes me so proud. St. Jude is our national philanthropy, and over the years it has become one of my favorite causes. Nationally, Delta Delta Delta has made a pledge to raise $15 million in 5 years, and we are so close! Previously, we had a goal to make $10 million in 10 years, and we managed to raise the amount in only four years! That may seem like a lot of money, but it takes about $1 million dollars to run St. Jude every day, and it's all funded by personal donations. Even though I can't personally donate $1 million dollars, I'm glad to know that my sorority is raising so much money for such a great cause.

After the philanthropy, I went to my Big's wedding. It was so beautiful! Unfortunately, it was a bit chilly, but they were kind enough to make us all blankets, which were also really cute! It was a great ceremony and an awesome reception, but it was kind of bittersweet to watch my Big get married, to be honest! I love her so much, and I'm glad she's happy, but being the spoiled Little I am, I still want her all to myself! I guess I'll just learn to share!

That's all for now! I hope everyone has a great week and cheers for the Buffs tomorrow during the Blackout game! GO BUFFS!

Italian • Boston, MA

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