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Peyton F. Manning (The F is for...)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

On Tuesday the Broncos signed Wes Welker to kick off NFL free agency. In case you somehow missed the biggest story in football this last year, the Broncos also have Peyton.


I have had the good fortune of actually seeing Peyton play live, and let me tell you, his throwing motion is as close to bliss as anything I've ever seen. It's like watching honey slowly slide down a wall, golden, sweet, and fluid. Truly lovely.


If the Bronco's can buff out their D a little I think we could be an even bigger threat this year than we were last. A little secondary help and someone to play middle linebacker would really help us. In my humble opinion that is.


But really the only reason I wrote this blog was to share these pictures with you. I think they are awesome.


This is Peyton and his older brother Cooper while still in high school



Peyton and younger brother Eli, sitting on a porch

Peyton's high school team picture, notice the broken window in the background

This is a picture I took myself last year at the home opener, Peyton's 1st game as a Bronco



Hope these are as fun for you to look at as they are for me.




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