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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tomorrow marks another installment of Passover.  Per tradition, I will be observing the holiday in Denver with my large extended family.  The annual Nathanson seder never fails to produce ample amounts of reflection, controversy, and great food.  Needless to say, I am as excited as always.  


Observing Passover as a college student will be made easier this year due to the fact that the holiday falls mostly over Spring Break.  Last year, I pieced together meals at the dining halls that adhered to the rules of unleavened foods and the like.  Being at home facilitates the dietary restrictions in a way that is much less time-intensive as doing so in the residence halls requires.  However, there are plenty of supports for Jews at CU during Passover as well as other holidays.  There is a large community of students with whom to share the experience, and the Hilel House offers a seder as well as food throughout the duration of Passover for any Buffs who wish to partake.  


This year, my partner-in-crime Griffin will be experiencing the Nathanson seder for the first time.  I cannot wait for his reactions to the skit put on by the little kids, discussions led by my thoughtful grandfather, and the piles of home-cooked food that follow.  A Jewish holiday in my life is simply an excuse to have a communal party, have periods of meaningful conversation, and share phenomenal food and laughs.  It is an event that is simple in its repetitiveness yet unique and dynamic from year to year, with changing personalities, circumstances, and contexts. All involved are certainly looking forward to our seder.


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