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Monday, November 12, 2012

Hi, all! This week has been crazy busy as usual. Tuesday I had another test, and I think it went well! It's always such a relief to believe you actually did well rather than having the fear in your mind that it may have not gone as planned :)

Thursday night, CU Student Ambassadors took us out for frozen yogurt as an incentive for the tour days with the best attendance. We took over the front of the room and had more frozen yogurt than we could handle! That same night, I went to a Young Life College Thanksgiving celebration. It was potluck style and everyone brought the most delicious food! I managed to take home some leftover yams that one friend had made, and I've been eating them for the past four meals! We had about 50 people show up, so we ate three turkeys and three boxes of mashed potatoes - it was wild and awesome! After we had eaten way too much, we all set out for the Grizzly Rose, which is a dance hall in Denver that plays country music for line dancing. We danced for about three hours before deciding it was time for bed! But the whole night was full of good community and food!

This past weekend, Young Life College went down to a YL camp in Buena Vista, Colorado to work as the Work Crew while high schoolers came to camp. We set the tables, vaccuumed and sterilized, cooked all the food, and washed all the dishes. Forty of us put together all of this for 450 kids - it was an awesome way to serve the community! I also got to lifeguard the outdoor pool for three and a half hours in twenty degree weather! It was terribly cold, but worth it for deliveries of hot chocolate from my friends! Other than serving, it was just an awesome way to get to spend time in community and build friendships. I met a lot of new people this weekend and we bonded over our hard work! I posted a picture of us below.

One week and a ten page paper stand between my Thanksgiving break and me! Hope it flies by quickly!

CU Student Ambassadors take over Spooners Frozen Yogurt!

CU Young Life College Work Crew Weekend!

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