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Outdoor Climbing Attempt #1

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

This past weekend I tried outdoor climbing for the first time. I should precede this story by explaining that I bouldered (climbing without ropes) for the first time only five weeks ago and learned to top rope only last thursday. So with my vast experience, and by that I mean next to no experience, I trekked out with some friends, all experienced climbers, to a popular spot outside of the town of Lyons, CO. 

After shaking out a few jitters, I was able to send (successfully climb) three different routes including a 5.9, a 5.7 slab, and a 5.5 chimney. It was so exciting and I have been pestering my friends to take me outdoor climbing again as soon as possible. 

Another fun part about living and going to school in Boulder is how many people like to do outdoor activities. When we got to the place we were climbing I ran into my TA from one of my classes and after a little chatting he said, "Isn't this the great thing about Boulder?".


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