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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hi Everyone!

It seems like this semester I have spent a lot of time down in Denver! It is so nice how close CU is to a bigger city and how many opportunities there are to do fun things down there!  If you have read my previous posts, you will know that I went down a lot this semester to spend time with my sister. Well, last Friday, I went down yet again to see a concert!

The drive down to Denver is really easy, and I was going to take the bus originally, but I ended up being able to get a ride down with a friend of mine who lives just south of Denver, near my house. We left around 2pm and it took us about an hour to get down to my house.  I wanted to go down in the afternoon to spend some time with my mom, who I always love to see, as opposed to going down at night, closer to when the concert started.  It was awesome to see my mom.  She and I have always been really close, and it is so nice that she is only an hour away if I want to see her.  I also needed to go home to grab some things for a retreat I went on the next day (more on that later!) like a sleeping bag and such!

Two of my roommates, Andie and Clara, also went down to Denver, but they stayed closer to the city, where Andie is from.  We all, Andie, Clara, my mom, and I, all met up for dinner at one of my favorite Chinese restaurants by my house.  After dinner, I said goodbye to my mom, and Andie, Clara, and I went to a coffee shop in Denver kind of close to the concert venue.  Andie grew up in Denver, and she went to high school in the city, so she is very familiar with places to go and fun things to do.  The coffee shop we went to is called St. Mark’s, and I have been there a couple times before.  We had some time to kill before the concert, so we decided to go there and get a little caffeine before the concert.  It was really fun and it had a really relaxed atmosphere.  They have the most amazing chocolate chip cookies, and I have a really good memory of hanging out there last spring break with some friends I met last year who are also from Denver.  Here is a picture of St. Mark’s!

After St. Mark’s, we went to the concert! We saw one of my favorite bands, Lord Huron. When people ask what concert I went to, most people haven’t heard of them.  But they are really cool, and an indie folk band that I really like.  It was awesome seeing them live.  The concert was at one of my favorite concert venues, The Ogden, down town.  I have seen a couple other groups there before, and I enjoy every concert I go to there because it isn’t too big, and you can get pretty close to the band.  The coolest thing about the concert was seeing all of the instruments that they play.  They don’t just have a couple of guitarists, a bassist, and a drummer.  The drum set had at least 30 different percussion components, including a washboard.  The lead singer played the guitar, the harmonica, and a drum at one point.  The two other guitarists also used drums as well, and the bassist played the keyboard and a drum too! It was a really fun concert and it was a really great night overall! 

Here we are at the concert! 

And here is one of Lord Huron! 

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