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Friday, September 7, 2012

The stress has begun! I already feel like I've been here for a month, but it's only been two weeks! I already had an essay due this past Tuesday, and I have three more due next week! Plus two quizzes next week as well. Needless to say, I guess this is why people say not to tak 21 credits! But I just had a meeting about my Honors Thesis and I'm really excited about my topic! I'm still deciding between focusing on women during Fascism, or Futuristic women. Futuristic women are pretty interesting because the movement was actually supporting Fascism, and it pushed women to be more manly and have their own jobs and be their own person. It's a tricky decision. Very few people have studied either movement, so whatever I choose I will have a lot of material to translate and work with. I guess it's a win win situation!

This weekend marks the beginning of Sorority Recruitment! I can't believe it's my last time recruiting. It's definitely bittersweet, since it's such a stressful process. But at the end it's really a rewarding process, both for us a current members and to all of the new members who find their houses. If I could give any girl going through recruitment a piece of advice, it would be to trust the system. The system knows where to put you, and if you trust it, you will end up in the right house! I promise! I know I did!

Other than those things, I've been loving getting back into the swing of things and getting started on the club swim team. It's really hard to get back in swimming shape, but I know it will come eventually. Our first meet in October 6th, so everyone should come cheer on the Buffs! Also, tomorrow is the first home football game! I'm kind of nervous though! We lost to the CSU Rams last week (yikes) and a lot of people are saying that we're not going to win a game all season. But I don't believe it. We can totally beat Sacramento State tomorrow, and I can't wait to see it happen! BUFFALOES, BUFFALOES, GO CU! Have a great weekend everyone!

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