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Oh, the Places You'll Go

Friday, March 2, 2012

Did your parents ever sit down with a Dr. Suess book with you before bed time, watching you stumble over the letters as you phonetically sounded out the words "lorax" and "bamboozle?" Perhaps you can fondly remember your favorite story, or your first grade teacher bringing in real  green eggs and ham. Dr. Suess touched millions of children's lives, and today, on his 108th birthday, I thought it only fitting to bring a little Suess to CU. After all, my parents gave me a copy of "Oh, the Places You'll Go" for my high school graduation, celebrating the vast possiblity that spanned across my personal horizon. 

CU will give you plenty of places to go, and plenty of ways to grow. I look at some of my own friends and see the amazing things that they've accomplished. One has havegated through the labyrinth of online coding and is networking with some local hot shots. One is working at the African Refugee Center in Denver-- an internship where she teaches newly resettled refuguees the basics of America, like how to clock in at work and the importance of punctuality. Another has been working in research labs since his freshman year and has recently been accepted to some pretigious graduate programs for chemistry. A few others are waist deep in their honors theses, poring over books and learning more about a subject they love. Me? I've studied abroad, interned at multiple places, and enhanced my public speaking skills through Student Ambassadors. All of these opportunities to discover ourselves, to push ourselves, and to grow within what we might find have been fostered by the University of Colorado.

Being in Colorado also offers ample extra-cirricular activity so that you can find your passion. Being outside, whether shredding in the mountains or kayaking down the rivers or scaling the side of a canyon, can take you places that you never realized were on a map. The friends that you'll make along the journey, ones who are also trying to find their place in the world and expand their passions, are some of the best parts of the journey; they're not stops along the way, but they're with you for the whole ride.

The most terrifying/exciting/wonderful part is that time spent at CU is just a mere part of the journey. It's being on the right highway with the option of exiting wherever you think will be the best path to following your dreams. And, if your original major wasn't what you thought, or you realize that perhaps you want to learn Russian instead of French, you can get right back on that highway and try something else that might suit you a bit better. There are tons of people to meet and many new things to try. It's hard to wrap your head around the possiblities-- in fact, you can't. You can't know until you live it.

So, go! You never know the places you'l go. 




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