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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The past couple weeks have been full of job talk for me. This past weekend, I searched high and low for jobs to start after I graduate in May. I came to accept some facts that I already knew - that my career aspirations require me to either start from the bottom of the totem pole, or to have a Masters Degree. This isn't discouraging news by any means, just means that I have to start looking for some of those entry level jobs and get more experience before I work my way up! I submitted three different job applications this past weekend. I'm putting my name in the hat all around the country and across a variety of positions - Office of Admissions jobs, ministry positions, and working at schools in the Colorado region. I know I'll end up finding something I really like, I just have to be patient!


I'm finding out that the real world does not necessarily revolve around semesters. Some positions interview in February and others do not even start looking until May! It makes applying and choosing more difficult, but ultimately will help me ensure that I still have options if the sooner decisions fall through. I am just excited to get to look into another chapter of life! I am sure you will read a sappy post in the next month or two when I realize what I will leave behind when I am no longer a student at CU. 


In the meantime, I have been participating in a psych research study here at CU this week. I have to wear an EEG net on my head and do tasks on the computer - but I get paid well for it, so it is definitely worth the time it is taking out of my schedule! Throughout my time at CU, I have participated in a number of these studies as a way to make a little extra money. It's also an awesome opportunity to participate in research studies and be on the participant end versus simply reading about studies and their outcomes in class. It makes me a well-rounded psychology major, you know?! I posted a semi embarrassing picture of me in my net below. 


The past couple of weeks have just been about researching on many fronts, and hoping to make some money in the process! 


Selfies for Science!

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