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Saturday, August 18, 2012

I don't know if it's just because this is my last week before starting my senior year, but I've been really nostalgic lately. I think it's gotten worse since I've started tutoring two Spanish teenagers from Granada. Yesterday instead of learning about giving directions, we ended up talking about the things we missed from Spain, like the Bifruta (this juice that also has milk in it. Sounds gross, and it actually smells kinda gross, but woah does it taste good), chuches (little gummy candies), and paella. That talk definitely made me want to go back to Spain right away!

It's weird thinking about the stuff you end up missing when you leave somewhere. Obviously, you know that you're going to miss your friends and your school, but what about the small stuff? Here are some things that I know I'm going to miss once I graduate.

  1. Breakfast sandwiches from Salvaggio's on the Hill. Best breakfast sandwich I have ever eaten without any doubt. Maybe it's because the owner is from Boston, but I love going to Salvaggio's and getting their sausage, egg and cheese every chance I get. And that's just the basics. Add any type of condiments you want (I usually go lettuce, tomato and mustard), and not to mention their bread made in house. Delicious.
  2. The wind. Sounds like a weird thing to miss, but I can honestly say that I've never experienced winds as strong as the winds in Boulder. After taking ATOC 1060 (aka Weather and Atmosphere, really a great class) and understanding why Boulder gets these extreme gusts of wind, I actually kind of feel lucky to have experienced such a weather phenomenon that I wouldn't be able to experience anywhere on the East coast. Plus, now I can actually say that the wind has blown me over!
  3. Those crisp fall mornings at the farmers market. The farmers market down by Pear St. is the most amazing farmers market I have ever been to. It's not just food, either. There are soaps and clothes and lots of really cool things to find. Heading down there when it's a chilly morning and then getting a tamale and a cup of coffee is a great time, and you also kind of get a break from the college scene that is so prevalent in Boulder. With all the little kids and dogs running around, you can really get a feel for what Boulder is as a town and not just a University.
  4. Tailgating the football games. Now we all know that I love the Buffs, but when gameday comes around, it's really cool to see all of the families tailgating on campus. From little kids dressed in black and gold, to older fans with Buffs suspenders (one of the cooler pieces of Buff apparel I've ever seen), it's clear that the saying "Once a Buff, always a Buff" is true!

Well that's it for now! I've got to start packing for the flight out next Saturday...same day my brother moves in to his school! Crazy times!

Italian • Boston, MA

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