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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy November, everyone!

As I just wrote that I am having trouble believing it is actually November! It seems like this semester is slipping through my fingers.  I was looking through my calendar today and I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and then after that, finals will here! It is amazing how quickly time goes by. 

I wanted to write about my favorite part of campus today.  My favorite area of campus is definitely Norlin Quad.  Norlin Quad is the oldest part of campus, with Old Main on its east side.  A lot of people might not know this, but Old Main is the only building on campus that was here when the university opened! It was actually the “original university” where the president and family lived, along with the janitor and his wife, and where all of the classrooms were.  Old Main is one of my favorite buildings on campus because it has the Heritage Center upstairs.  Old Main is my favorite stop on my tours as well, because I love going up to the Heritage Center, which is basically a museum about the history of CU.  I learn something new every time.  My favorite fact that I learned there, and that I make sure to always share with my tours, is that Spencer Silver, the creator of Post-It notes, went to CU! I just think that is so cool. There’s also a moon rock, and a Nobel Prize, along with a variety of gold records won by Glenn Miller.  I recommend that everyone go check out the Heritage Center at some point!

I just love the whole area of Norlin Quad, in general.  It is so pretty there.  It is awesome to see a lot of people there, like when it is warm outside, and there are people playing catch, slack-lining, or studying in the sun, but I also love being there when there aren’t many other people there.  Last year, I had an 8am class on Fridays in the Humanities building, next to the library.  It was sometimes a chilly walk, but I loved walking through Norlin Quad early in the morning, before the campus was really awake.  It is so peaceful.  Last year I also had to do a writing assignment for one of my classes, and for the assignment we had to go on an unplanned walk for 20 minutes.  Not only was it a really cool assignment, but it was a really nice experience, walking through Norlin Quad, and around the back side of Sewell Hall. I walked around the Quad and then I sat at Varsity Lake for a few minutes.  When I can, I still try to find a few minutes in my day to sit on Norlin Quad on one of the benches, or at Varsity Lake, and just relax and take a moment to be completely present in the moment.  Last week, after I had an advising meeting with one of my academic advisors, I went to go sit under on a bench next to Old Main.  It was so relaxing, especially because the campus is absolutely beautiful this time of year! I attached some of the photos I took while I was there. 

Aside from the Quad itself, I love spending time in the Norlin Library as well.  It is such a nice building, and there are always places to study.  It is also awesome that we have a coffee shop in the library, and the hot chocolate from the Laughing Goat is my favorite! Although I don’t spend as much time studying there as I do in other places, it is still an awesome place to hang out and study.  The library is also one of my favorite buildings and one of my favorite stops on my tours.  I love showing off how beautiful that part of campus is!



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