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New year, new semester...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Howdy everyone! 

I feel like my last blog post was ages ago. The last thing I wrote about was making gift baskets for friends and family... and Christmas music! That has almost been a month ago... WOW. 

A lot has happened since then! 

First and foremost, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! There is always so much anticipation bulit around them and then they come and go faster than you know.  This year, CU basically had a month long break. From Dec. 16thish-Jan. 16th! I definitely got used to time off. You never realize how much you appreciate free-time until you get to college. Then you treasure every second of it. I decided to be mellow this break. Since I am usually on a tight schedule each semester, I took plenty of time to rest, work out, and hang with friends. I live in a town just outside of Boulder so I was able to commute back and forth during break for work and meeting friends. 

If you're already bored by my post... this is where it gets exciting... I promise. 

Last semester I discussed a little about the group I am in on campus. It is called Association for Women in Communications and over break we took our annual networking trip to San Francisco! I literally just got back to Colorado two days before the first day of class this week. Thirteen girls went this year (all of us in the journalism program) and met with CU alum currently working in some sort of journalistic field. Below is a list of places we visited in San Francisco:

-San Francisco Chronicle

-Goodby & Silverstein Advertising

-BBDO Advertising

-Anthem Worldwide Advertising -Patchwork Films-KFOG Radio 

-Media/Advertising consultants


All the people we met graduated from CU!! We set up all our meetings by simply emailing them. This is one of the greatest things about CU: the alumni network! There are so many CU graduates out there and resources on campus-such as Forever Buffs and Career Services-have lists upon lists of contact information for all alum! Many of the grads are out in the world doing great things and their contact info is at the tip of your fingers! USE IT. This is how finding jobs becomes easy.. NETWORK. You don't even have to be in a group like the one I am in. 

Aside from meetings, I ventured to some areas of San Fran I loved! There were restaurants, bakeries, cafes, boutiques, etc. on every corner. Needless to say I never went hungry. There is a place along the Bay called the Ferry Building that is transformed into a Farmer's Market. Basically they have vendors selling all kinds of food, dishes, artwork, etc. that is ALL local. We visited there several times during the week. I fell in love with a French type confectionary place called Miette. They had the BEST salted caramel. I had to try everything! We even went to some awesome wine bars! The concept is simple: A wine place similar to a coffee shop atmosphere. All they serve is tappas and wine! I wish Colorado had more of these places. I also went to Alcatraz Island which was FACINATING only because I am a "nerd" for American history and landmarks. It was almost scary visiting the abandoned prision but amazing at the same time. San Fran had a MUCH different vibe than Southern California. It almost felt like Boulder, but bigger. It is, however, where the hippies of the 60s called home. :) 

I'm posting pictures from my trip. Enjoy! 

Until next time...cheers!






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