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New Site! And Independence Day.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Welcome to the new blogging site! It's pretty nifty, huh? 

Well, this weekend was a great one! Because of the recent wildfires and the general dry nature of the state, fireworks are strictly off limits here in Colorado. So some of my friends and I did what any law-abiding college kids do: we went to Wyoming, where fireworks are completely legal. We bought a few large packages and then set them off at a range that the fireworks warehouse owns. They had firetrucks standing by, just in case a stray firework set off a fire, which ended up happening in the dumpster there. 30 seconds later, and the blazing inferno was soaking wet and just smoke. 

Then, on Sunday, I lived the dream. "What dream," you ask? Well, I got to go skiing on July 4th. It was around 70 degrees at Arapahoe Basin, and all I wore was a short sleeve T-shirt, an American flag bathing suit, and a Camelbak. It was amazing! I never thought I'd get to ski, grill, and watch fireworks on the same day, but I finally did it! July 4th was awesome back in Boulder as well. The Boulder fireworks show took place at Folsom field, and I'm pretty sure it was the most full I've ever seen it, football games included. The fireworks themselves were incredible though. They were so close, so powerful, and so beautiful. I missed the beginning of the ceremony, but I was there for the national anthem and for Ralphie's run, which was a surprise for me, but incredible. I'm sure no one else thought this, but I kind of missed the band; I've never seen Ralphie run without "Glory Colorado" playing in the background. 

It was definitely the best 4th of July I've had in a long, long time. Boulder is amazing in the summer!

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