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New Restaurants and Weird Weather

Monday, April 15, 2013

I have realized my blog has become very food centered this semester as I've explored the variety of restaurants scattered throughout Boulder. Boulder was voted one of the "Foodiest" cities in the US recently, so naturally there are lots of places to try!

I went to The Cup on Pearl to meet with a friend for coffee last Tuesday on my day off. The Cup is a cute, local coffee shop that has a unique and wide variety of coffee options, including espresso and ice cream in the same cup - something I will have to try this summer!

I also had breakfast at Walnut Cafe, a two-location diner where you can get an omelette and two sides for just $7 - and the two sides can be any combo of cool pancakes (pumpkin, blueberry cornbread to name a couple), french toast, potatoes, cornbread, fruit, oatmeal, or toast. A great deal and seriously great food! They also are best known for their wide varieties of pie, but combined with the sides, my omelette was plenty! 

I love getting to try new food in Boulder! My roommate and I have made it a goal to drink coffee at every coffee shop in Boulder over the course of the summer and next year. We have yet to calculate how many places that will be, but I am already excited! And of course, i will blog about each place to give all of you an idea if Boulder will fit your current coffee standards... I'd be surprised if you couldn't find at least 10 places that you absolutely love!

Aside from all the fancy places I ate last week, I've gotten to cope with weather fluctuations. This is classic Colorado! Last week we had snow Tuesday, wore sundresses on Friday, and now today (Monday) campus closed due to the amount of snow coming in. This is pretty rare for April, but as they say - April showers bring May flowers! I posted a picture of my car below - got all of that snow in about six hours. My roommate and I are hoping to get in one more ski day this weekend at Winter Park before calling it a season - most resorts have already closed, so the weekend might be busy but ultimately a blast!


My car and its new snow cover - six hours for this!

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