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Never Trust the Weatherman

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Never Trust the Weather Man


Growing up in Boulder, it didn’t take me long to realize to never trust the weatherman. Ever. As a result of Boulder’s unique geographic location with the mountains and everything weather patterns are especially unpredictable, so the weatherman really does have an unenviable job to begin with.


Any local will tell you, checking the weather on your phone just doesn’t do the trick. If you are out at the right time, you will occasionally catch a resident stepping outside in their underwear to measure how warm/cold it really is.


The weather patterns themselves are pretty peculiar. Sunshine and rain are not uncommon. During the summer, we will often get torrential downpours of rain that last all of 5 minutes and are promptly followed by warm sunshine.


The picture attached is of me eating lunch on top of Mt. Lincoln, one of Colorado’s 56 14,000 ft. peaks. I hiked it last year, and we were expecting rain. As you can see, we didn’t get any, and the hike was glorious.


In any event, make sure you always pack for every occasion. Hikes, especially some of the bigger ones, are known for quick changes in weather, so it’s good to have multiple options as far as clothing goes, I suggest layering. But no matter what, make sure you do not trust the weatherman.


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