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My Favorite Olympic Events

Monday, February 17, 2014

Hi All!

Hope everything is going well! In the spirit of the Olympics, I wanted to give you all a rundown of my favorite winter Olympic sports. I have always loved watching the Olympics. Every other year, the most incredible and dedicated athletes from around the world lay it all on the line for their countries. During Olympic season, I also gain an enormous amount of energy and motivation to start working out and hopefully becoming good enough at a sport to make it to the Olympics. Anyways, here are my top 5 Olympic sports with some good justifications and some bad:

5. Super-G:

                This is one of the most exhilarating events to watch in my opinion. Men and women fly down ridiculously steep mountains at dangerous speeds only to win or lose by hundredths of a second. Each of these athletes runs the risk of a potentially career ending crash onto the icy run every time they compete.

4. Cross Country Skiing:

                I have so much respect for the athletes that compete in cross country skiing. Every time I watch a race, there is always someone collapsing at the finish line, or somehow making an incredible comeback. To me, it is as if the skiers are running a marathon every race because of how exhausted they are.

3. Hockey:

                If you have ever seen the movie Miracle, then Olympic hockey is the greatest thing of all time. Every Olympic season, I always re-watch the movie and it is always just as good as I remember.

2. Luge, Bobsled and Skeleton:

                How can anyone not enjoy watching these events? I mean, once again, athletes flying down a track at 80mph with nothing but a small sled. These athletes have guts and put it all out on the line every run.

1.      Speed Skating:

                Speed skating has always been my favorite Olympic sport. As a kid, I used to go ice skating on the lake by my house and practice my speed skating. If I was anywhere talented enough to make it to the Olympics, I would definitely try to be a speed skater.

Until next time and Go Buffs!


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