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Much to Say About Nothing

Sunday, September 30, 2012


This is how I feel today.

Usually, Sundays are reserved for an adventure around Boulder with my boyfriend, a Sunday Funday. Alas, midterm season has arrived like a tornado of essays, blue books, and study sheets. 

Last  week I spent time in my favorite study spot on campus in the Museum of Natural History. My face was buried in my books and I had plenty cups of coffee to keep me company. I know, it sounds pretty eventful. Sometimes, in college, as painful as it is you have to pass up fun nights for good grades.

All of these midterms and late nights could be the perfect recipe for a stressful disaster, but the key is to stay organized. Plan it all out, visit your professors in office hours for any and all questions, and take it one day at a time.

From my previous posts you might have concluded that there is never a dull day here at CU and in Boulder. While  it is true that there is always something to do, sometimes you have to buckle down and remember why you are at CU in the first place. Yes, to get a college degree and not only to cheer wildly when Ralphie runs across the field.

So, at least for the next few days it will be me and all of my books. Then, of course, Sunday Funday and all of the usual fun, college activities will resume. 



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