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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hello, all!


Two weekends ago, my friends from a neighboring school and I headed up to conquer our last 14er of the season - Mount Bierstadt right near Georgetown, Colorado. This mountain was unlike any other 14er I had climbed this summer - because it was COMPLETELY covered in snow! We brought a variety of layers of clothing, forgot sunscreen (who remembers sunscreen when it's cold?), and enough snacks to last us until the reward milkshakes on the way home. We traversed rocky terrain and some clear cut trails, but the snow also covered other areas, causing us to have to cut our own path to the summit. As always, we made it! My friend brought up a Colorado flag with us and I had the Which WIch bags for another photoshoot of a lifetime. Which Wich is a sandwich chain that gives you a free sandwich if you take a picture on top of a mountain with a bag from their store! It's almost like getting paid to hike up a mountain... who wouldn't want that job?! I attached a picture of our adventure below.


Escaping into nature is one of the ways I best deal with the stress of school! On our way up and down the mountain in the car, we passed the changing leaves of fall on all the Aspen trees, and I was reminded by the beauty of this state. That was my last hiking mountain of the season because of the snow, but soon enough the snow will be high and the skiing can begin :)


I'm already planning next summer's attack on more peaks! In the meantime, I should read more of my book for class tonight... until next time!


Top of Mount Bierstadt - Last hiking mountain of the year and ready for ski season to arrive!

Psychology/Education • Centennial, CO


I love this post! And getting out into nature was/is one of my favorite ways to just relax and get away from the stress of the world. I'm a little homesick today. Hugs from LA! Go Buffs!

Can't wait until you're here next to just climb mountains and sit outside ALL DAY! xoxoxo

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