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Thursday, August 23, 2012


By now, you may have realized that school is expensive- tuition, books, food, and all of the little odds and ends that come with it. Luckily, there is a way to afford all of this…sort of. By getting a job!

On your mycuinfo page you will find a plethora of job openings under a plethora of categories. From on campus to off campus, waitressing or a desk job- you name it and it’s there!

Now, maybe you’re overwhelmed with all of the choices. So, let me help.  

My personal favorite categories are the jobs listed under the “on campus” section. These jobs are so perfect because they are on campus, where you will spend most of your time anyway. Another benefit to working on campus is that these employers all understand that you are taking classes, joining clubs, playing sports all while working. In my experience they are much more willing to work around your schedule than a restaurant or retail job off campus.

Many students love to work at the rec center, the bookstore, the call center or in the UMC…so many choices.

I have worked in the bookstore during the back to school rush and at the call center.  I loved interacting with all of the students at the bookstore, and at the call center I enjoyed the extremely flexible hours and being able to do my homework while I was working.

 Happy job hunting!

As for me, this semester I will be spending my time in class, volunteering with Student Ambassadors, working and possibly interning at WorldDenver. We are busy bees here at CU!

I hope move in was smooth for all of you and that you will be enjoying all of the activities at Welcome Fest!


International Affairs | Political Science • Colorado Springs, Colorado

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