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Milano, Italia. Prego

Monday, November 11, 2013

     Prego! Which apperently means everything in Italian, or at least it seemed to the case in Milan. In search of fantastic pizza and the sights I took a trip out to Milan, Italy for the weekend, home of "The Last Supper" by Leanoardo Davinci, the Duomo and the oldest mall in the world.

     Now, as much as I'd like to sound like an international explorer let me say it's pretty easy for anyone to jet around Europe, the thing is flying around Europe is incredibly easy and affordable with airlines like Easyjet among others. So 70 minutes after taking off from Barcelona BCN, I'm touching down in Milan, Malpensa airport, and making my way into the fashion capital of the world. Naturally excited, as soon as I got to Milan I went to check out the sites, and walking through the Galleria Vittorio I be-friend some other American students, who I explored the city with. Our first stop was Luini, the best fast food I've ever had. It was essentially a doughy, pizza like, hot, melt in your mouth hybrid between everything that's good about a pizza, with the portability of a pita. That was my first Italian experience, and it was certainly a lasting one. I spent the rest of the day running around the city, and continued onto the following day where I climbed to the top of the Doumo to get a view unlike anything else.

     However, from all the walking two nights in a row I found myself lost in the sprawling city of Milan, both at horribly inconvenient times, but each time was able to navigate the city with the helpful locals who were all willing to direct me at every cross street that I found myself confused in (which was quite a few).

     But after an eventful weekend I was back in Barcelona Sunday night staring over a computer where I was to type a five page paper on the current political party in control of Turkey, so a transition in excitement to say the least. Such is the life we live though as students, and I managed to get the paper done, and now have to prepare for my trip on Wednesday, coincidently to Istanbul, Turkey.

     Now I find myself starring down at my computer again, this time preparing for class registration, the second to most important time of the semester second only to the incredibly tough finals season. Selecting classes is really your time to pick what you want to focus on, because you have the ability to fill your course load with acting classes, political theory, or possibly both. It is the freedom granted to you as a student where you get say I'm in college, and I'll do or take what I want as I please (assuming the classes haven't filled first) but it's also vital in helping you keep on track to graduate. So now I just have to wait until 3:30 mountain time, or 11:30 my time to select my classes for this upcoming semester.

Political Science • Glenwood Springs, CO

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