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Midterms take 2

Sunday, February 27, 2011

It’s that time again. Time for a Bio test tomorrow, a Calculus test on Wednesday, and then an Organic Chem test next Thursday. This is the first semester I’ve had actual midterm “seasons.” Last year and even last semester, it just seemed to be a rolling thing, and I’d kind of always have some kind of test. This semester it’s pretty pronounced, and I have easy periods and then hell periods like this next couple of weeks. But my professors in every class said that the first tests were the hardest, and I did pretty well on those, so this round shouldn’t be too bad. Then after those tests, there’s spring break, so I just have to imagine all the relaxation of two weeks from now! Adios for now, and I’ll see you after a long stint in the library.

Biochemistry, Atmospheric/Oceanic Studies (ATOC) minor • Austin, Texas