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...Midterms Already?!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

I can honestly say that these last two weeks have been some of the busiest weeks of my college career. It has been ridiculous, and unfortunately it's only going to get worse with midterms coming up this week and for the next few weeks! But it has been pretty exciting none the less. We finally finished recruitment and welcomed 73 new members to Delta Delta Delta! Today we started the process of Revelation, which is when the Big Sisters give gifts and clues to their new Little Sisters, and I am lucky enough to get two new Little Sisters! I got them some really cool gifts, and I'm super excited because one of my new Little Sisters is from Paris, France. I've always wanted to learn French, and now hopefully she can teach me!

Today, the CU Swim Team held a swim clinic for local children at the Rec Center, and it was so much fun! I work with kids when I'm back home in Boston, and I have to say that I've missed them! It's weird though. When you're working with kids, all you want to do is hang out with people your own age. But when you're hanging out with people your own age, all you want to do is work with kids! They are so carefree, and working with them today was such a treat. They are all so passionate about swimming, and it was great to hear some of them say that they already knew they wanted to attend CU Boulder and be a part of the CU Swim and Dive Team!

This week should be pretty hectic, since papers and tests are already happening! Plus, my Honors Thesis is in full swing, and I'm applying for a grant to go do some research for it in Italy over winter break! So hopefully I'll get that because it would be an amazing opportunity to go look at the National Archives of Rome to research Fascism where it actually had an impact. Luckily, I am almost done with my Fulbright application, which is great because that will alleviate a lot of stress...sort of! I will still have to wait a long time to figure out whether I got it or not, which will definitely be an anxiety inducing process!

I hope everyone is having a great start to Fall and surviving their semester as well! Until next time!

Italian • Boston, MA

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