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Midterm Week

Friday, March 1, 2013

Last weekend, I went to Aspen with a giant group from The Annex ministry here in Boulder. We stayed overnight in Aspen High School's gym and skied during the day! I had never skied at Aspen before, but I was totally impressed! They had a foot of new snow in the past three days - the mogul runs did not even have packed moguls, you could completely shred through them! And for some reason, my friends and I were the only people on the runs we had found for most of the day - I promise I'm not complaining about that! They were by far some of the best skiing conditions I've ever experienced. Then on the way home, it took us 6.5 hours to get back to Boulder, but we played lots of "would you rather...?" and "what's your favorite...?" games to pass the time, stopped at a starbucks or two, and had a real bonding adventure!

The highlight of my week was going with Student Ambassadors to tour Folsom Field and hear more about our football program, Del Ward Athletic Center, and fundraising in the near future. After the tour, we then went and met with Chip, CU's costume mascot, for a group photo! I attached the picture below. We then each got to take a picture or two with Chip, posing in different ways each time. I took one normal smiling photo with him, a Charlie's Angels style with my fellow blogger Amanda, and one where he proposed to me. When those are up, I will definitely post one here! We had tons of fun laughing at the different poses people came up with, like carrying Chip or having Chip carry them, using snow as a prop... really anything we could think of! After our playtime was over (We only reserved Chip for 1 hour!) we went to Half Fast Subs on the Hill for dinner. This sandwich shop has upwards of 150 different varieties, all of which are delicious! So we always have a good time guessing and sampling what one another ordered.

I had a midterm in my Acting for Nonmajors class this week. It went really well! I remembered all my lines and beats (changes in tone/fluctuation of the monologue), so hopefully my grade will reflect that! My monologue was from 'Dentity Crisis by Christopher Durang and I played the part of Jane, a quirky young girl. It was really fun to watch everyone else's monologues as well because they each varied greatly. We have all become pretty good friends from that class because we all have to be silly and sacrifice some social capital in acting, so I really enjoy going each week! My teacher is also super knowledgeable (she's a PhD student for acting!) so I'm learning more than I anticipated from that class.

Hope everyone had a great end to their February! We are already on Week 8 of the semester, and I can't figure out where all that time has gone!

View from the President's Suite at Folsom Field


CU Boulder Student Ambassadors with Chip outside of Folsom Field

Psychology/Education • Centennial, CO

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