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Midterm Season

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Ah yes, the part of the semester where everyone gets a good bit busier. Midterms. For some reason it seems that professors choose the same two weeks to for all of their exams and due dates. However, a lot more is made of midterms than there really is to complain about.

Midterms aren’t really that bad. You have two really busy weeks, but then it all seems to drop off. For instance, yesterday I had two midterm exams. I studied hard, took them both, and walked out feeling really good about them.

But the best part is, now I don’t have any work to do but sit on my couch and write blogs. It really is a nice schedule if you think about. You gear up, focus in, and get through it. Then all of a sudden you look up, and the weekend promises almost no schoolwork.

For me, this weekend is gonna rock. It starts with CU playing ASU on Thursday, a nationally televised game. Then Friday night, I have an alumni game with the club lacrosse team, followed by Buff Madness, a pep rally to kick off basketball season. The best part, I don’t have to factor in homework time at all.

So really, midterms aren’t all that bad, in fact, there are moments that you are really glad to have gotten through them, and can be proud of how you are doing.

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tell me deadlines for fall 2013 ??? and courses for a ECE student for MS

Hi Praveen, the deadlines for graduate students are different than the deadlines for undergraduate students. Check out the graduate student website form more information about deadlines. If you are referring to the Electircal and Computer Engineering program by ECE, you can find more about courses on their website as well.

I agree with you! I tend to get through all the boring things first so that I can look forward to the interesting stuff. This not only increases the quality of the work, but also gives a good feeling. And all the best for your games.

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