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Midterm Madness

Monday, September 26, 2011

There always comes a week or two in the semester where mid terms hit you like a frieght train. A tsunami of study guides, study groups, and general studying washes over you. Unlike finals, where everyone is suffering, midterm madness selects a few students at a time to overwhelm before taking the next few prey. And, this week I'm in the thick of it.

After three years of school though, I know how to handle the stress! I've mapped out study times and made study groups, and now it just comes down to putting my head down and getting through it. I'm counting down the hours to Friday at 2 pm when I will be free... at least for a week or two. Until then, I'll be living in coffee shops, spending my breaks on campus in the library, and going to bed early. 

It's lame. But, we all do it. Everyone at CU spends plenty of time hitting the books in between trips to Pearl Street, hiking, and skiing in the mountains. So I just have to finish this week and then I will find some awesome way to celebrate! Until then... wish me luck!

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