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MAYMESTER + What to Expect from Me

Saturday, June 9, 2012

For the first (and last) time, I'm taking summer classes. The reasons being: I don't want to take 19 credit hours as usual during my final semester (Fall 2012) and would like to get much of the load out this summer. Also, I don't have an internship at home this summer so I might as well get 9 credits out of the way.


Summer classes are highly underated. I think everyone should take at least one before they graduate, especially during Maymester.

Maymester starts the week after Spring graduation and ends the last day of May. This three week program is very condensed and the school allows students take a maxmum of one class during this time. Which is great because you cannot practically excel in more than three credits in three weeks anyway. I'm also taking 6 credits in Term A.

This summer , I plan to blog about many different types of things:

1. Orientation plannings and presentations to incoming freshmen.

2. African Students' Associaton choir formation process.

3. My trip to Nigeria.

4. My honors thesis and how I plan to stay on top of it rather than it on top of me.

5. Anything else!

I hope you enjoy!


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