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May Days: The Challenge

Monday, April 30, 2012


May is the most challenging month for CU students. Their final papers, final projects, and final exams intertwine with one another in what can be a menacing way for procrastinators (read: most of the student population). All of the sudden, students confine themselves to the twenty-four hour section of Norlin Library, frantically trying to squeeze everything in. Though this isn’t so different from finals in December, the real challenge is in being forced to stay inside, deprivied of the ability to enjoy the day.

Springtime in Boulder is beautiful, and particularly this spring, it has been exceptionally warm. Patios on Pearl Street have constant waiting lists as people bask in the afternoon sunlight, and Chataqua park is swarming with people taking advantage of the weather. But, as finals loom closer, the days get warmer, and student have to fight the battle to sit down and focus.

This whole weekend I’ve been experiencing this struggle; with three finals on Thursday, one on Saturday, and one next Monday, I really didn’t have time to mess around. But… I still did. And now, for the rest of the week, I’ll be paying for it in late night lattes. I’ll be sustaining myself with cliff bars in an attempt to postpone grocery shopping, which sucks away an hour of my day. And, I'll be blocking facebook, Twitter, and Gmail on my computer to avoid any further distractions. 

Do I regret it? Ask me in a few days. But for now, those afternoons spent at happy hour with some good friends seemed like a very appealing alternative to writing a research paper or cramming for an exam. 

don't make me hit the books! PLEASE... not with days like this:


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