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Marathon time!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hey everyone! 

So just like fellow blogger Erika, I signed up to run a marathon this week! The race takes place in October and is considered a "half marathon" or 13.1 miles. I am super excited about it!! It's the Boulder Marathon. 

You are probably wondering why anyone in their right mind would be excited about running 13 miles, but for me it is just another challenge to overcome! I've run 5ks in the past (3 miles) and ususally run 3 of 4 miles on the tredmill when I can. My plan is to continue that routine until 10 weeks before the race. That is when the hardcore training will start. I've enlisted the help from friends who have run marathons in the past. I am super excited to see how far I can push myself! 

I did, however, jump the gun and decided to run 6 miles this morning! It is definitely difficult sometimes because of the winter weather. Make sure to bundle up with layers! 

Boulder, and Colorado in general, is perfect for running. If you're not used to the altitude that will take some getting used to, but once you have, there are so many paths/trails and beautiful sites to see on a run throughout our beautiful state! I happen to run around a local lake in Longmont (it's 3 miles) and whether it is raining or sunny, there is a breathtaking view of Longs Peak. (One of Colorado's 14ners!) I posted a picture from my run this morning. Views like that make running more enjoyable! 

Have a great weekend, 


Me in my running gear this morning. As you can see there is snow on the ground and 30 degrees outside. BRRRRRRR!! 


The view at the lake where I run. Longs Peak is the tallest and covered in snow!! It's also climbable during the summer... :) 14,000+ ft. in altitude. I love the mountains! 

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