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Manos Alegres!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

This past Friday I was lucky enough to go to a concert for free, which, for a lover of music like I am, is always a treat. However, it was not your normal type of concert. My host mom, Rosa, has been studying Spanish Sign Language for the past two months, and this concert, Manos Alegres (Happy Hands) was kind of like their final exam. I know what you're thinking...a concert in sign language? At first I didn't get it either, but once it started, it was really cool! My host mom and her classmates would sign along with the song that was either being played by a live band or over the loudspeaker, and they even danced some flamenco, which was amazing as well. I had never really thought at all about sign language and music, because they really seem to be complete opposites. I know that I could never live without music, and I think that it is really cool that there is a program here in Alicante that wants to bring to joy of music to people who can't access it due to their lack of hearing. And what is even better is that, because of the large turn out at the concert, the organization has already made plans to have another concert next year! My host mom is really excited, and she's already thinking about what songs she wants to sign! 

The rest of the weekend was filled with delicious Spanish food and soccer games, a typical Spanish weekend. It even got up to 70 degrees, so I was able to tomar el sol (tan) and read a good book outside. My friends back home were definitely envious when I showed them my tan lines over Skype! This coming Friday, my program and I are going to Granada, which is in the south of Spain. Granada is home to tapas and, best of all, flamenco! Friday night we're all going to the neighborhood in which flamenco was invented to see a flamenco show, and I am so excited! We are also going to see the Alhambra, which is one of the most famous examples of Moorish architecture in Spain, and the Albaicín, a medieval Moorish neighborhood. It is going to be really interesting to see what life is like in Granada, because I have only ever heard good things about it. I am also excited because it is situated in the valley of some of the biggest mountains in Spain. It is definitely going to remind me of being back in Boulder! 

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