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Making Time for the Hunger Games

Saturday, November 23, 2013

This week, despite the amount of last-minute projects I had due before Thanksgiving break, I still made time to go see the premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Young Life took 23 kids to the premiere at the 29th Street Mall movie theater! We sat in line for an hour beforehand (with 100 other college students) and filled up two entire rows of seats. We passed giant bags of leftover Halloween candy up and down the rows, eagerly eating chocolate so we wouldn't fall asleep for the next three hours!


The movie was awesome. great! If you haven't seen it, go! But what is even better about premiere movies these days is the amount of people that dress up! Many kids from our crew wore outfits like people from The Capital or dressed up as a certain pair from a district. Despite the cold weather, I still managed to wear a sequin blazer and as much other glittery clothing and accessories as possible over the base layer I wear for skiing! I attached a picture of one of my friends and I below. 


The timing of the premiere was perfect. A Thursday night before Thanksgiving break lets students justify staying out that one night knowing they will go home the next day! I hope everyone enjoys their breaks... I have a TON of homework to do for mine! I'd rather get it done over break so that being back in Boulder after can be spent doing fun things with friends... and not locked up in the library!


My friend and I with all the color and glitter we could find!

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