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Making the Switch to Gmail

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hey all,


I was perusing Twitter this morning and saw a tweet about how our CU email system has transitioned into Google. Until now, we have been on a system called "CU Link," which really just wasn't great. The interface was outdated, and each account was alloted a meager 200 MB. It was difficult to load contact information, and there was no way to remain signed in, so you were always logging back into your email.

No longer! It goes without saying that Google has definitely got this whole Internet thing figured out pretty well, and the Office of Information Technologies decision to go with Google is a good one. I moved my email over this morning and I'm already having a more pleasant email experience. Plus we now have 25 GB of space. So instead of having to clean out my email every semester or so, I doubt I will ever need to again.

We also now have access to all of Google's great apps. Things like Google Drive (cloud storage) and Hangouts will make group projects much much easier.


If you want to migrate your CU Link account over to Gmail, here is the link.


Last note: Admitted students can move their emails over now. If you are admitted and have already set up your Identikey login and password, you can go to the same link and get into your CU email today. If you have not set up your Identikey, and you have decided CU is the place for you, I recommend setting this up. You will use it frequently as a student here. Here's the link, you'll need to choose "Activate your Identikey."




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