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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hi, everyone! This week i finished my last two tests for a while and got back another on which I did MUCH better than I anticipated! So I'm home free for a few weeks!


Last weekend, Young Life College held its annual fundraising banquet in the Glenn Miller Ballroom at the University Memorial Center on CU's campus. We set up a giant baseball themed walkway with 50 Young Life kids from all over the Boulder area to pretend those attending the banquet were running from third base to home plate. It was really nice to have everything on campus so the donors could see where we hold our events every week! Chip, the CU costume mascot even came to promote the event! I attached a picture with him below. One of my goals for the year is to get a picture with Chip at every event that I see him... we will see if I can make that happen!


This Thursday I was on campus from 10 AM to 10 PM with class, tutoring at Boulder High, and the football game! The game was at 7 PM so that it could be broadcast on ESPN. One perk of us moving to the Pac 12 was the potential we might be on TV as fans in the crowd! Not sure how I would ever know I got on TV, but the idea is still worth considering. I posted a picture below of my friends and me wearing black in the student section - as you can see, we make it fun even when we lose! And as always, Ralphie running across the field is the best part! My parents came up for the came which was fun too! My dad has always said he could go to the games, watch Ralphie run twice, and go home - that's how cool she is!


This weekend I am heading home to Littleton to see my parents and a couple friends who are home from school. I really love being an in-state student so that taking trips to bring up winter clothes or see my parents for a bit are so easy! My friend and I are planning on going to Little Man Ice Cream in Denver - it's a little ice cream stand near Coors Field with wild flavors like Ginger, Margarita, and Quadruple chocolate. They even have savory cones for winter with mac and cheese or mash potatoes in a salty cone! I have yet to try those though... maybe I will this weekend :)

Until next week!

With Chip at the Young Life Banquet

CU vs ASU game! Student Section! Go Buffs!

Psychology/Education • Centennial, CO

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