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The Lost Glory of N64

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Last year I came in as a freshman, choosing not to bring a TV or game system because I assumed that enough other people in the dorms would bring them. Well, I was correct. There were plenty of TV's and video games to go around. I got really good at FIFA, and to my pleasant surprise, Super Smash Bros.


Yes, there were a surprising number of people (mostly men) who brought a seemingly ancient Nintendo 64. It had been quite a while since I last got to frolick about in fantasy lands with the hero's of my childhood. I was reunited with Sampson, Pikachu, and of course, my first crush, Princess Peach.


I was able to rediscover just how glorious a simple video game is. Today, with the likes of Modern Warfare, NBA 2K12, and others, video games are complicated. Multiple button combinations, lots of stimulating noises and visuals, and graphics that actually look like someone didn't just sit down and draw them on a piece of paper.


I had forgotten the simple delights of the only buttons being kick, punch, and special.


In short, the simple things in life can be the best.




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