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A little reflecting

Monday, December 9, 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen,


It's that occasion again when I fill your time with a re-capturing of my past week. But before I do that let's talk about you, let's sit down with me at my kitchen table in Barcelona, and you where it is you kids hangout now a days and talk. 

I recently received a Facebook message from my mom, telling me things have to come to an end, but that's life and that we must be ready for the next big adventure. What she said hasn't been any more true than in college, the end of the semester is always a tough time, because you know things will be different come the next semester, as some friends will be gone or you will be somewhere else, but as my mother says so is life, and school is a lot like life. Your grades stay with you forever, and so do your friends, and even though things end, something else is waiting.

Back on track to what the blog is supposed to be about, this past week was like the other weeks past which is awesome. I spent much of my time with friends and meeting a few new people, while also trying to get prepared for the week ahead and my trip around Europe. But so it goes, right now I need to focus more on studying for my finals and not watching the many Facebook videos friends posted of them rushing the court after CU upset number 6 Kansas last Saturday. If you want to see what home court advantage really looks like, watch the game recap online and you'll see what a stadium full of screening fans sounds like. 

Do you know what you intend on spending the next four, possibly more years of your life pursuing and studying? What sort of environment are you looking to live in?  Do you find snow appealing? 

If you are unsure about the questions it's ok, because so was I before coming to CU. Being originally from Colorado I had wanted to leave, to go as far from the snow and mountains as I could and "see something different." I almost went to a small school in Cincinnati, in fact I even confirmed enrollment to both CU and that small school in Cincinnati after visiting it. Not to say my life in Cincinnati wouldn’t have been great and full of academic pursuits, but it would be wouldn't be Colorado, and specifically it wouldn't be Boulder. The school and town has grown on me, and as much as I am enjoying Europe, I can say I miss CU, and am excited to return in the Spring. So I invite you to not only apply to CU, but also to come visit in the Spring (sometimes it's not actually Spring in Colorado until late April) and find out for yourself why it's such a great place to be young, and to be a student.


I've just finished my first final, so now it's time to prepare for the next ones. And as the holiday season comes upon us, I hope you all have fun plans, or at least are able to get a little rest until next semester.


My very best,



Political Science • Glenwood Springs, CO

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