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Little Known Secrets in StudyVille, Boulder II

Thursday, May 3, 2012

I did a post of favorite study hideouts last semester and this semester, I have a bunch more:

The library is probably not your best bet to get work done quietly and alone (I have barely ever studied in the library).

1. JILA Tower.

2. Department Labs (For me, I have access to the KESDAL lab at the GEOG building. You should have access to special rooms and labs in your department building after hours).

3. UMC 5th Floor.

4. Off-campus local Coffee Shops.

5. BOLD Center, Engineering.

Like I said, last time, don't attempt to study in your bedroom, beside your warm, comfortable bed and in front of your television. Invitation to sleep!

Don't forget to take a break and not work yourself out. Also remember that all-nighters are your biggest enemy.

All the best with finals and don't forget to attend the free Midnight Breakfast on Monday, 7th at the UMC. This year's theme is the Olympics!!!


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