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Little Known Secrets in StudyVille, Boulder

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Hate studying in the main Norlin library? Yeah, me too. So, I've compiled a list of relatively unknown places on campus where I've studied at one point or the other.

1. Student Group Office:

If you are an officer of a student group registered on campus and your group has an office in the UMC, you are entitled to a key card that grants you access into the office while the UMC is open. Your SOFO signers should be able to arrange this key card for you. Student group offices are quiet and spacey and have limited access. 

2. CMA @ C4C:

The C4C is not all about dining, you know. There are offices on the 3rd and 4th floors and one of those is the Center for Multi-Cultural Affairs. There is a common area at CMA where students can study, use SCARPIEs or just hang out. CMA grants access to non-staff only during regular open hours. Infact, the entire C4C is filled with little hidden areas like this one:

3. Department Libraries:

Did you know that Benson Earth Sciences, Duane Physics, Math, and many other buildings have their own libraries? These are the best spots to study for a major or minor core class as well as escape all the noise and crowd that comes with Norlin.

4. Atlas:

Technology, architectural outstandingness and solitude all in one.


The Engineering buidling had so many different spaces including the ITLL, BOLD Center and others where students can comfortably study with couches, a kitchen and bright colors.

6. LAW:

If you're not a Law student, chances are that you've never been to that side of campus or in the Law building. This has hands down CU's most spectacular interior design and a fabulous library. The only con about studying here is as an undergraduate, you may feel a little less intelligent studying about Law students. Otherwise, its a great hideout.


WORST PLACE: Your room, assuming it as comfortable and warm as mine. :(


In related news, this is how I feel about finals. Off to go and smash them.

If this looks like a stressed smile, great job with the observation!

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