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Wednesday, February 5, 2014



Hello all! 

I would like to dedicate this blog to telling you about living on campus!

All freshman are required to live on campus their first year; however, after that, you may choose to find your own apartment or house, or stay on campus! Here at CU, we have 23 different residence halls to choose from when you submit your housing application, that is, after you have been accepted into the university.

We like to say that there are basically 3 different “neighborhoods” you may choose to live in.

Williams Village is the area of residence halls off Baseline that may be recognized by being the only tall brown buildings you see when driving into Boulder. While they are a little further from classes, they are really great because there is a sense that you really get to “go home” after a long day of classes. Additionally, William’s Village has its own Rec Center and Dining hall, along with the CU Buff Bus system to take you to your classes if you don’t feel like walking or riding a bike!

Kittredge is the area of residence halls on the south side of campus situated around a quaint pond. This is where I live! I love it because it is close to the C4C, our main dining hall on campus, as well as only a short walk away from the beautiful Chautauqua! As I have mentioned in previous blogs, running and hiking in the flatirons are two of my favorite things, so I really enjoy being so close to numerous trailheads!

We say Central Campus is the neighborhood of residence halls surrounding the iconic Farrand Field. These dorms are great for students who want to be right in the middle of it all, having your room in close proximity to your classes and close to all of the special events on campus. A lot of my friends really enjoy living here because they can easily go back to their residence hall in between classes.

Something really unique about living on campus at CU is that we have what is called Residential Academic Programs (RAPs) and Living and Learning Communities (LLCs).

Basically, a RAP is a like a common theme each dorm has, which gives you the opportunity to automatically make connections with your fellow roommates because you have something in common. When participating in a RAP you will take classes actually in your residence hall with students that only live in your residence hall. That’s right – when its snowing outside and there is a wind chill of -12 degrees, guess who doesn’t have to go trenching through the snow to get to class? You. The professors will come to your dorm to teach the class, and they are usually capped at about 20 students! I chose to be in the Global Studies RAP because I am really interested in studying abroad and I love to travel and consuquently, so do a lot of the other people I am living with! Although my roommate and I did the random rommate selection, we ended up being a perfect match because we have a lot in common that wasnt asked on the rommate matching survey, just from picking to live in the same dorm. It has been really great becasue I have really gotton to know the other students in my RAP classes becasue they are so small and when I need to work on a group project or I want to study for a test, all of my classmates are in the same building!  Here is the link to more information about RAPs:

On the other hand, an LLC is similar to a RAP in that students living in a residence hall are bonded by a particular interest of theme, but you don’t take a class in your dorm relating to that topic. Here is the link to more information about LLCs:

Below I have compiled a list of all of the neighborhoods, residence halls, RAPs, and LLCs:


William’s Village

            Darley North – Active Living LLC

            Darley South – Business RAP

            Sterns East

            Sterns West – Transfer LLC

            Williams Village North – Sustainability RAP


            Arnett – Global Studies RAP

            Andrews – Honors Engineering RAP

            Buckingham – Communication RAP

            Kitt Central – Global Engineering RAP; Leadership RAP

            Kitt West – Health Professions RAP

            Smith – Honors RAP

Central Campus

            Aden – Engineering Quad LLC

            Baker – Natural Sciences, Pre-Health, Environmental Sciences RAPs; Ethnic LLC

            Brackett– Engineering Quad LLC

            Cheyenne Arapahoe

            Cockerall – Engineering Quad LLC

            Crossman– Engineering Quad LLC

            Farrand – Liberal Arts RAP

            Hallett– Diversity LLC, Spectrum LLC

            Libby– Visual and Performing Arts RAP

            Reed – Engineering Quad LLC

            Sewall – Arts and Sciences RAP


Another benefit of living on campus is that you have access to free tutoring for any class you need extra help in! Just put in a request online, fill out your availability, and ASAP tutoring will match you with either a grad student or an upperclassman that has taken the course – all for free! This is a great resource to take advantage of, and it is something that is really unique to life at CU. I have used this tutoring program for numerous classes including anthropology, history of the Middle East, and microeconomics. It definitely makes a difference!

Living on campus at CU is really a great place to be :)

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below!







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Ahhhh!! OMG thank you so much for the first hand information. Loved your post:)
My question would be when you stated the "neighborhoods" with the various residence halls and living options, you then put down certain majors and interests (I'm assuming). Does that mean you have to be studying whichever field was paired with the building to reside in it, or is it more of a suggestion considering the population of those students living there.

VERY helpful for a prospective freshman. Thanks!

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