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Let's Stand Up For Kids!

Monday, November 14, 2011


Hey Friends,

If anyone reading this is from the Boulder area, I need your help. I’m working with the organization called Stand Up For Kids (I had mentioned it last week). This is a national organization that has chapters all over the country, and the chapter in Boulder opened up in 2003, but was closed down and re-opened in January 2010. The premise is quite simple: let’s work to get kids off the streets. I work with youth aged 18-24 and offer them a variety of services, ranging from food bags for the road to youth advocacy (going to court with them if necessary). One of the incredible aspects of the Boulder program is our center. A majority of the Stand Up programs only have street outreach, which is basically just finding homeless kids on the streets and giving them the supplies that they need (blankets, gloves, hats, scarves, tents). If you are lucky enough, you have a center where the youth can come and relax for a couple hours a day. The point of the center is to build community and to teach the kids responsibility (they have to do a chore at the center before they can get their supplies).

This past month we found out that we do not have the funds necessary to maintain our center, and we are going to have to start looking for a new place. The space needs to be big enough to have a storage space for all our supplies, a shower available for the youth to use, a kitchen for meals (most of the meals are prepared prior but there would just need a sink to do dishes and a place for a refrigerator).  In our center now we have computers available for the kids to use to look up job offerings and create resumes, so we would need some type of space for that in addition to Internet access. Finally, we have a lot of comfortable couches and a television that everyone in the center really enjoys, and we wouldn’t want to give any of these things up due to space.

This past week we had a brainstorming session to think up some ideas for a new space/ funding, but we’re very open to suggestions. If anyone has any ideas, please email me at

Talk to you all soon!!

Again, the link for the website if you want to learn more is

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