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Monday, September 23, 2013

After two weeks of a little chaos, it was nice to have a relaxing couple of days this weekend.  During the week, I don’t always have time to see all of my friends, so I always try to make time to see them on the weekends.  As a Freshman last year, something I did many Friday nights was go to a comedy show, put on by CU’s premier improve comedy troupe, Left Right Tim.  A few of my friends saw them perform at their freshman orientation, and toward the end of first semester, we rediscovered their shows. Laughing is always a great way to end a stressful week, and I am really happy that my friends and I have been able to keep our tradition alive this year!! 

So this Friday night, I met up with a fellow Student Ambassador, my friend Wyatt, and went to dinner before getting together with some other friends for the show. We got there pretty early, because this show was supposed to be pretty full. The shows are held in Hale Science, right on the edge of campus at 8pm.  When the show started I was really excited because it was a few of my friend’s first times seeing LRT.  The best thing about Left Right Tim is that every show is different because they take inspiration for each skit from suggestions from the audience, so you never see the same show twice.  This past Friday night was no exception, and it was one of the funniest shows I have seen so far.  This show was dedicated to the flood relief effort, and they said at the end of the show that they had raised over $600 that night! The Left Right Tim shows are easily one of my favorite things about CU.

After the show, we went to Boulder Baked, which is a bakery near Pearl Street. They have a ton of different kinds of cookies and they make them fresh for you! They also deliver, so last year, I knew a few people who ordered them in my residence hall. My favorite kind is oatmeal chocolate chip.  Overall, it was a really relaxing night, which was great in between two stressful school weeks!  Well, I’m off to study for midterms this week! Yikes! 

Here is the link for Left Right Tim's website if you want more information!

Here's a pic of what the stage looks like before the show! 

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