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Last Weekend with the Program

Friday, May 4, 2012

Well, the time has arrived. My program and the group below me will be leaving next weekend:( It's weird though. We all know it's going to happen, but, due to finals next week, we haven't exactly started thinking about it. Which is good I guess. Better to be sad after finals. It's going to be really strange having half of the Americans gone. At least some of my friends from the higher program will still be here!

This past Tuesday was Dia del Trabajador, which is Spain's version of Labor Day. With no classes in the way, a bunch of us decided to go to Tabarca, which is an island that is about 45 minutes away by boat, and part of the National Park System in Spain. It was beautiful! We laid out, went swimming (I have NEVER seen water so clear and blue in my entire life. Amazing.) and some people even went cliff jumping! I'm afraid of heights so I was the one taking pictures, but it was still really cool. The weather was perfect and there wasn't too much wind, which has been really common lately. 

The cliff to the right is where the cliff jumping happened. Doesn't it look amazing though?! Tropical paradise to the fullest.

Today we might go play beach volleyball at Playa San Juan, but it looks like the weather is turning out to be kind of bad. I guess that's a sign to stay in and study? 

Unfortunately that's it for today. Hopefully I'll have more fun stuff to tell you guys about next week! 

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