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Last Semester :(

Monday, January 28, 2013


Hello again, and welcome to the final (yes, I’m crying too) installment of Mike Heffler’s blog!

It is indeed my last (pending my passing of my classes) semester at CU-Boulder. How does one spend such a momentous semester, you might ask? Well, the answer is hard work mixed with hard fun. I was lucky enough to get Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays off from classes, which is unheard of for me. But, before you get too worried about me going skiing every day, remember that working hard is a hard habit to break.

I’ll be spending this semester giving campus tours with the Student Ambassadors (as well as helping out with Student For A Day programs), tutoring Division I athletes through the CU Athletic Department, heading the planning committee for my fraternity’s Spring Formal weekend, and last, but literally the opposite of least, preparing to apply to medical school. So I have 4-day weekends, but enough work to fill almost every minute of them. Oh yes, and going to classes too!

Since talking about each one of those activities in one post would take up pages and pages, and hours of your time, I’ll stick to one topic now. I’ll even choose a fun topic: snowboarding! I finally wised up this year and decided to return to Boulder about a week before winter break ended to go snowboarding. I don’t know how I never thought of it before, because it was an excellent idea! See the pictures below for just how excellent.

I think I’ve told every tour group I’ve had this, but I can’t overstate how amazing CU-Boulder’s location is. A huge part of that is our proximity to the Rocky Mountains. We’re two hours (OK, three hours in traffic) from some of the most top notch skiing/snowboarding available in the U.S. Part of that means access is amazingly easy. While the best way to get up to the mountains is to make some friends and carpool up (save the environment!), there are a multitude of ways to get up there. The student arm of the CU Alumni Association, called The Herd, operates the “Ski Bus,” which takes students up to the mountains on the weekends for a cheap gas-fee. The CU Snowboard club and separate Boulder Freeride group both offer carpool boards that match drivers with passengers to get everyone up. Most of the resorts even offer good lift ticket/season pass deals for locals (which fortunately includes students).  Really, the hardest part is learning to ski or snowboard, and chances are that your roommate can teach you (mine did, thanks Jared!).

And, when you’re a CU Buff and you go snowboarding, you get to send pictures like the ones below to all of your friends from back home and make them super jealous. Food for thought! 

Pretty cool shot from the top of one of Breckenridge's many peaks

Another beautiful blue sky day, this time from the top of Keystone's North Peak. If you look closely, you can see Breckenridge (and probably the exact same spot I took that previous photo from).

Gotta have the selfie.

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Say it isn't so! We can't beleive it is your last semester! Enjoy it!!

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