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Friday, May 17, 2013

Hi everyone! Unfortunately, this will be my last blog post ever (for the Office of Admissions, at least).

It’s been an amazing four years at CU-Boulder, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Hopefully my blog should give you an idea of just how awesome our campus is, but there is really no substitute for physically visiting the campus and seeing it for yourself. That’s what got me hooked!

I’ve been pretty busy in the past two weeks or so with graduation, finals, and moving back home to Austin, TX. Graduation was incredible, although I do wish I didn’t have to wake up quite so early. Julie Andrews (Mary Poppins, Maria von Trapp, etc.) was our commencement speaker, and she did a great job. She gave very worldly advice, encouraging us to be ourselves, never stop trying, and ultimately “kick ass” (surprising language from Ms. Poppins!). It was also nice to see friends that I hadn’t seen since freshman or sophomore year, all gathered at graduation wearing the same outfits. After the ceremony began the graduation parties, for about three days straight. I don’t think I’ve eaten so many potato chips and Jimmy John’s party platter sandwiches in my entire life! Saying goodbye is always tough, but food and friends make it easier.

Finals are always tough, but they’re especially tough when you know you’re so close to finishing. I took solace in the fact that it would be the last time I cranked out a paper at 3 A.M. or slept in Norlin Library cramming, while the rest of the students have the next few years to relive those experiences. Now if my History of the American West professor would just post our grades…

Moving is always tough, but when you know you won’t be returning (at least for the foreseeable future) it can be even tougher. But move, I did. I packed up a U-Haul with my dad and we trekked down south to Texas. It’s a long, long drive. I drove the seven hours from Boulder to Amarillo, TX, through intense thunderstorms and along long, straight country roads. I got a nice reminder of just how big Texas is when I went to sleep in Amarillo and woke up 8 hours later, and we still weren’t to Austin yet! It is good to be back with my family, but the weather is hot and my suburban neighborhood is no match for The Hill community in Boulder. I will definitely miss the good food and good people, but I’m excited to continue on my path!

My next step is applying to medical school, which takes a long, long time. I’ll be submitting my application in the next week or so and then wait to hear back about an interview (hopefully!) sometime in August or so. I should know whether I got in by sometime around February of next year. In the meantime, my plan is to apply, finish my private pilot’s license, and find a job! If I make a few impromptu trips back up to Boulder, don’t be surprised. It’s very hard to spend four years there and then disappear forever! Have a great summer everyone, and Go Buffs! Enjoy my last pictures below!

Great picture of sunset over the mountains.

Julie Andrews!

The awesome banner my parents and sister made me for when I came home! (Arrested Development fans will note the particular grammar of the banner).

Biochemistry, Atmospheric/Oceanic Studies (ATOC) minor • Austin, Texas

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