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Last But Not Least...

Sunday, April 27, 2014

The past two weeks and the two weeks ahead are full of "lasts" for me. I feel like I am constantly seeking "firsts" in my life (and especially shared on this blog!) such as my first time to Trader Joes, Dunkin' Donuts, a new hiking trail, a new campus event, etc. But with graduation soon approaching, I find myself going through a crazy number of "lasts"!

To be honest, I feel as though I have taken enough advantage of all that CU has to offer, so I'm not too sad about pieces of my routine that are coming to an end. At least not yet. Maybe graduation morning I'll lose it. We will figure that out when it gets here.

Student Ambassadors has nearly officially wrapped up for the year. We had our last Student For A Day (SFAD) lunch session last week. We pile into the giant booths at the Center for Community every other Friday and compare who created the most innovative food compilation while making jokes and challenging one another to dares. I posted a picture of the group below.

I gave my last big SFAD presentation about my life at CU two weeks ago, where the girl (now a good friend) who gave MY tour to me when I was considering attending CU came to watch me give my presentation! I think that is the ultimate reward for a tour guide - seeing kids come to CU and make it their home!

Then tonight was my last Ambassador banquet, held at the Rio Grande on Pearl. The seniors received special graduation stoles and made speeches about their favorite memories amongst our years giving tours. Mine was about when I (unintentionally) caught the dodgeball with my face to win the game. I wrote another blog post about it - check that out. My last tour that I will give for CU is on this Tuesday! A friend and I did the math, and we think I've given 150+ tours for CU. So that's pretty crazy in itself to think the last one is this week! Obviously I hope it's the best one yet - fingers crossed for good weather. 

Writing this blog has made me feel a little more sad than when I started it 20 minutes ago. Soon, my black polo will hang in my closet to represent all the memories of my time in the organization. But it has prepared me WELL for public speaking, marketing, small talk, and so much more in my future. I am so thankful for the opportunity to have given tours for CU! I would not be the same without the people and the experiences. 


The whole crew at SFAD lunch!

Some of my favorite fellow Ambassadors and me at my last banquet :)

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