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The Last Firsts

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Well, school has started, but summer definitely hasn't ended. Boulder has been a little bit too warm for my liking, and all of us are counting down the days until the fall weather comes! It's so crazy that I've officially started Senior year. Like the title says, I've also started the last of my firsts. For example, my last time moving in to my sorority, Delta Delta Delta, my last first day of school, my last Italian class...I know that in Graduate school I'll have another first day of school and probably another Italian class, but it just won't be the same! It's also my last football season as an undergrad (may or may not be planning on coming back for some games next year if I'm in the States!) and it starts this Saturday! I am so excited for the CU vs. CSU game! My high school never really had a rival for football (aka we were too bad to have a rival...our strong sports were soccer, lacrosse and men's swimming), so for me it's really interesting to see how much people get in to the whole rivalry! But let's be honest, black and gold look better than green on most everyone!

Classes so far have been pretty cool. Like I thought, Philosophy of the Sciences is going to be really interesting! I'm kind of intimidated about some of the topics though, since we will be debating String Theory and the like, and I have never taken Physics before! But I'm sure it will be interesting to hear everyone's side and learn about String Theory as we go. I'm most excited to talk about dinosaurs, though, and I think it would be really interesting to hear someone try to explain why dinosaurs didn't exist. It seems impossible! Another really cool class is going to be my Multicultrual Rhetoric writing class. The teacher is amazing and has taught English abroad, just like I hope to do someday. In my previous experience, I have always thought of "multicultrual" meaning foreign cultures, but it was really cool to hear the professor explain that even groups like the Snowboard and Ski culture can fit into the multicultrual setting that is CU Boulder. I can't wait to look into that further!

Well that's it for now! I hope everyone can go to the CU vs. CSU game this weekend! I know I'll be there!

Italian • Boston, MA

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