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Last Days of Vacation

Friday, April 20, 2012

Well, vacation is almost over. Boooo. Next week exams begin. Another boo. But then my program ends and I stay here to finish up my direct enrollment class which means only 4 hours of class a week! Woohoo!!

These past few days have been full of adventure. Wednesday we woke up from our hostel in Gaeta at 4:30 and ate breakfast under the stars (something that should really never happen. Breakfast is always better when the sun is up) and took a train up to Rome to get a flight back to Spain. I am definitely happy to be back in Spain, but it's still really tiring switching between Spanish, Italian and English. Sometimes I don't even know what langauge I'm speaking (nor do the people around me.) Yesterday was Santa Faz and it was AMAZING. It is basically a religious pilgrimage from San Nicolas, a church here in Alicante, to Santa Faz, a church in San Juan de Alicante, about 10 km away. Most of the younger generation skips the church of Santa Faz and goes to the Playa San Juan for a big party, which is what my group of friends did. It took us 5 hours to get to the beach! It's really not that long of a walk, we just stopped a lot to eat and drink and take photos. Overall it was a really fun time, and I'm proud to be one of the only Americans in my group to have done it! Definitely the only one from CU Boulder this year, so there was obviously some Buff Pride!! 

Today I spend the morning at the beach and then went to the market at Santa Faz which was really cool. There was a lot of typical Spanish foods, like manchego, chorizo, and my personal favorie, churros. There were also lots of handmade bracelets and ceramics, and I bought a little ceramic whistle that, when you fill it with water, sounds like a parakeet. Still haven't figured out exactly how much water to put in, but I'm working on it. 

Tomorrow night is the big Barcelona vs Madrid soccer game, and I am so excited. GO BARCAAAA! I'm going to watch it with a bunch of my Spanish friends, and half are Madrid fans and half are Barca fans. It's going to be quite the night. We've already made a bet: if Madrid wins, the Barca fans have to speak in Valenciano (a dialect similar to Catalan) the rest of the weekend, and if Barca wins, the Madrid fans have to speak in English the rest of the weekend.  I'm really hoping that Barca wins, not only because I'm a huge fan, but also because I can't speak Valenciano, and I really don't think I can go the entire day without speaking. We'll see what happens!!

Lastly, I want to send a HUGE shout out to my favorite baseball team, the Boston Red Sox, who are celebrating the 100th Birthday of Fenway Park today. Even though the Yankees are winning right now, I know they can pull through and kick some butt!! Wish I could be at that game!!

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