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La Merce

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Describing a week in Barcelona is sort of like trying to describe your trip to Disney Land, you have no idea where to start and it's all fantastic. I've spent this last week with friends from many different parts of the world, experiencing wonderful offerings in Barcelona. Something that was certainly worth noting was joining in the festivities of the anual La Merca festival, which happens every September in dedication to the Patron Saint of Barcelona. The festival consist of fireworks, human tours aka Diada Castellara (Google it) a night called Correfocs (also Google it) where the street are filled with people litterally shooting sparklers at pedestrians. There's nothing comparable in the US because anything of such nature would lead to someone being sued, so being there for it was so great. To have been in Barcelona for this was unlike anything I've experienced before, and part of study abroad is experiencing new adventures. I wont bore you with the details, but highly recomend looking into study abroad options at CU so that you can make your own memories in a foreign country.


But let's back track, I've decided to spend the semester in Europe for a few reasons and one of which was that it was so easy to do as a CU student. When you get on campus I recomend taking a visit to the study abroad office in the C4sizzle, and starting up a conversation with a study abroad advisor then let the rest take care of itself. It's an opportunity uniaque to college students, so why not?



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