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It's Ski Season!!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hello Everyone! Can you believe its already November?! Time flies here at college! I had a bunch of midterms and papers due this past week. I also started a major group project that involves research and observation. Thankfully, this upcoming week is going to be an easy one! Yesterday (Saturday), I went up snowboarding!! One of reasons I decided to attend CU Boulder was due to the location. Being just a short drive away from amazing ski resorts is awesome. Back home in California, I had to drive about 4 ½ hours to get up to the mountains, so driving 1 ½ to 2 hours seems like nothing! When I was a Freshman and Sophomore, I actually purchased the “Epic Local ski pass”. It basically gave me access to a good majority of all the ski resorts in Colorado. However this year, I have been really busy and decided to just buy 4 packs with friends and split them whenever we decided to go up to ski! You really have a couple different options when buying passes and tickets! I went to Keystone to snowboard. It was awesome. It was the first time that I have been up since the ski resorts opened! I am hoping to take full advantage of these beautiful mountains and all the amazing ski resorts before I graduate in May! Anyway, check out some of the pictures I took below!

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Hey Madisen, I am a junior at a highschool in Virginia. My dad is from Colorado but did not attend Boulder. I love Colorado and have just recently been intrested because i toured it 2 months ago. I am also a huge snowboarder but I want to know a students point of view of Boulder. Do you like Boulder a lot and why?

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